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Sometimes People Don’t Think before Giving Advice

1476342913_95_-surf_board-_sport_game_playI was jogging down the beach this morning just thinking to myself. You know what, people don’t always support what you want.

I mean your friends, your family, some of them just don’t think your dreams are realistic or something man.

I can’t figure out why someone would say “Hey man you’re working too hard” or “You know there’s a lot of other competition in town do you really think you can do this?”

It’s like they’re trying to discourage me or something. I just don’t get it.

I talked to a friend of mine the other day, his name’s Bob and I’ve known the guy for a few years, he used to be a supervisor at one of the jobs I had.

And we were talking about this because he started his own business and got a lot of discouraging words when he started a tree business.

I mean he got it worse than I did, his friends flat out told him “You can’t do it, you’re not a tree expert”. And they’d say “If you start a tree service jacksonville fl you will never see your family, you’ll never have time to come to the beach and hang out with us or do anything fun”

Wow how do people think this way? go for your dreams man. Don’t wait for permission from your friends or family to go for your dreams and goals because if you did you’d never have a tree cutting business! (Or whatever business you want)

Bob’s out there busting his ass to get his tree removal business going and his friends and family are just jerks about it. At least most of my family are supportive.

Oh by the way if you live in the Jacksonville Florida area support my friend Bob if you need tree service his company is Jacksonville Area Tree Removal.

He does tree cutting and tree removal and I think he does stump grinding but I better check on that… yep, just went to his website and he does stump grinding and stump removal.

I don’t know anything about trees and I don’t think Bob knew a lot about trees when he started but the point is, if you have a dream don’t let that stop you. Don’t let anything stop you. You start somewhere and take action, don’t wait until you know more about trees that anyone on the planet or you’ll never get started.

If you want my advice, ignore the naysayers! And GO FOR IT!

Should I Take On A Partner In The Surf Shop?

Hey Dudes and Dudettes

I was down at the pizza store yesterday and ran into and old friend. I think I found a business partner for my surf shop.

I wasn’t really looking for a partner because I want to do this on my own and at the end of the day own it 100% but I may have to rethink that. I was talking to one of my old friends and the subject came up of me being kind of a dreamer and entrepreneur.

He said yeah man I have been dreaming of opening a surf shop!

Now let me back up a little bit, I have never told him I wanted to open a surf shop. OK maybe it’s not that big of a stretch that I would have plans to open one.

I don’t know if taking on a partner is a great idea but the guy has a lot to bring to the table. He studied accounting in college and has a pretty good eye for design.

Man I have to say I suck at numbers and I’m going to have to have someone organize my numbers.

But is a partnership with a guy that can do numbers an asset? I don’t know. I’m gonna have to think on this one a while.

He is pretty good as far as design goes and he love surfing as much as I do. I don’t know maybe I’m trying to justify taking on a partner so I don’t have to do all of the work myself.

Am I? Am I really doing that? You know what? I’m going down to the Beach Ball to have a drink and think this thing through. Visit Site

The Beach Ball is a local bar, in case you live under a rock.

Welcome to my humble blog

1476342913_95_-surf_board-_sport_game_playWow I’m finally getting started with my blog. I have been thinking about it for a while now and have been putting it off and putting it off but I don’t want to put this off anymore.

My name is Pat Mitchum and I’m into surfing and snowboarding. I’m 26 years old and grew up in southern California surfing all the time at Huntington and Newport beach. I became obsessed with surfing when I was 12 years old.

My childhood was pretty great and I realize that I had some privileges growing up, my parents did pretty well at business.

My dad was a business wiz. Almost every business he opened just took off with sales. He just had a special gift for picking businesses that would work and make money. He had a gift shop and a candy store and a bike shop among a whole slew of others. He had so many that I can’t remember them all. He would have them for a few years and then sell them.

So I didn’t have it to tough growing up, I did get to go to the beach and practice surfing so I got great at surfing. Hey even though I grew up in a rich family, I still think you have to work hard to get what you want. My plan is to open the coolest surf shop in SoCal.

I mean the most kick ass place you’ve ever seen. It will be known all over the world and be the surf shop everyone thinks of when you even say “Surf Shop”. The plan is to save my money first and then hit it hard.

I do some little jobs here and there and I have a few bucks saved right now but I’m gonna need more. I know from watching my dad that you don’t start a business until your ready.

I’ll fill you in on what I do for bucks in later posts on my site but I do some very small jobs that make me pretty good money and I do some kinda whack jobs that even though I love them they take a lot of time and I don’t make much money like pizza delivery. Yes I still deliver pizzas but I love it.

I do delivery for the sickest pizza store in SoCal! I’m not going to revel which one yet because I don’t what thousands of fans coming in asking for autographs because of my new kick ass blog. Hahaha!

No, but I am dead serious about the surf shop. The surf shop is going to have the coolest boards with the best designs that are custom made right there in the back part of the surf shop. We’re going to sell the coolest clothes, kick ass shades and some art.

A couple of friends make some pretty cool art that we’re going to sell in the store. Chet Cantos does some way cool wooden carvings of surfers and surfer stuff. The other guy is a genius at creating surfboard designs that are out of this world. Mike Harlow is a board art god. Not sure whether I can legally mention their names here but screw it, I say the more exposure I can give their work the better.

I don’t want ask my dad for help on the surf shop, I want to do it all on my own. Even if we have to start off small and grow it’ll be worth it in the end. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t run the best surf shop in California without having the best people helping you so I plan on hiring people that are not only better at surf shop business that I am but also a lot smarter than me. I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the Christmas light string but I will make up for that by studying business and hiring the best.

I recently read a book called “Screw it Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson and when someone asked him what was the key to his success was he said “I hire people a lot smarter that me”.

That’s going to be the central part of my overall business plan.

P.S. I fully believe that to be a success you have to study success, that’s why I read Branson’s book.

One last thing, check this guy out, I think I’m going to try to interview this guy for my blog!!!

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